Bluetooth+Double QC3.0 fast charge

We supply Bluetooth+Double QC3.0 fast charge.



1.USB1 5V-4.8A output

2.USB2 5V 3.1A, 9V 2A, 12V 1.5A

3.Input Voltage:12-24V

4.Double QC3.0

5.Multiple circuit safety protection

6.Smart USB port

7.Bluetooth 5.0 answer&call function,Music time:4hours,Standby:70hours


9.Support agreements:BC1.2 、Apple 2.4A、QC2.0、QC3.0、AFC、FCP etc.

HOW to use :

1.After taking out the headset,the headset will automatically turn on,accompanied by a tone.

2.Turn on wireless on the mobile phone and search for the wireless device “Q20”.You need to manually connect the device for the first time.Successful connection accompanied by a tone.

3.Headset automatically turns off no connection with 3 minutes.


Fuction:                                                                Operation:

Play/Pause                                                            Touch one

Redial                                                                    Long press 2 seconds

Wake up “Siri”                                                      Long press for 2 seconds

Answer/Hang up                                                 Touch one to answer/Touch twice to hang up

Reject                                                                     Touch for 1 second

Turn off                                                                  Long press for 8 seconds to shut down,the headset is automatically turned off when placed in the car charger



1.Do not expose the product to high temperatures,corrosive or high-press environment.

2.Do not attempt to disassemble the product ,or to replace any electronic components in it.

3.If the internal devices have fluid leakage,please stop use.


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